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We don't just sell ebikes we ride them.

Sterling McCord has been riding electric bikes since 2001 and considers it his daily driver. He drops his two children at school, runs business errands, gets supplies at the store, and takes the wife on an occasional date. The wife loves it. Hobbies include hanging out with his kids, and riding an Xtracycle Edgerunner.

Sam Newman - Tour Guide/ Sales guy, is a recent graduate from Bend's OSU-Cascades, Sam brings a passion to help more people get on bikes. Sam also gives the best electric bike tours in Central Oregon. Sam rides a Hebb 500 and commutes on a Dahon Speed TR folding bike. 

Patrick St. Onge - Mechanic - One of the newest members of Bend Electric Bikes, Patrick brings year of experience to the shop. You can't miss him riding his very speedy Trek electric bike conversion.  

Alyssa Lane - Online Presence/Inventory Control - Even though she is small, don't underestimate her! Alyssa brings great organization and online management to Bend Electric Bikes. Alyssa rides a white cruiser with a front wheel drive conversion. 

Kathy McCord - rides a gray Juiced. Her commute to work in the car: 15 minutes, commute to work on the bike: 12 minutes.

Sake - shop dog - favorite bike is anything with a bucket. Hobbies include begging for burritos and looking for a body of water.

Word on the Street...
"GREAT shop. FUN bikes!" Paul


"Great place with knowledgeable and fun loving staff!"

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  • Xtracycle Demo and CARGo Debrief

    Xtracycle will be visiting us Monday, June 29 from 4-7pm to introduce their newest, soon to be on the sales floor, 10E Edgerunner, a 10-speed-electric-transport-problem-solver. They are very eager to hear our community's feedback on how we use cargo bikes... Read more →

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