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We don't just sell ebikes we ride them.


Owner, Sterling McCord has been riding electric bikes since 2001 and considers it his daily driver. He drops his two children at school, runs business errands, gets supplies at the store, and takes the wife on an occasional date. The wife loves it. Hobbies include hanging out with his kids, electric bikes, JKA, and making cool stuff.  Bike in use now is the Bullitt Clockwork with an Ebike-Kit, it goes about 20. 


Jackson  - engineer/ mechanic rides the fastest ebike in the world. No kidding. Just ask Luke.


Kathy - rides a J. Livingston, lavender powder-coated commuter with an eZee kit. Her commute to work in the car: 12 minutes, commute to work on the bike: 15 minutes.

Sake - shop dog - favorite bike is anything with a bucket. Hobbies include begging for burritos and looking for a body of water.