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BEB Customer Benefits

New Bike Purchase Benefits

We like to start our relationships off right. We want to make sure that you are comfortable with your new purchase and we are available to you as a resource for your e-bike needs and maintenance.

eBikes Purchased at Bend Electric Bikes Include:

*Original Owner Only

  • 6 months of complimentary adjustments
  • Complimentary 300-mile Tune
  • Free install of accessories at time of purchase
  • 10% off service rates
  • Registration with Bike Index
  • Complimentary diagnostic service
  • Complimentary software update as required by the manufacturer
  • Manufacturer warranty work
  • Loaner bikes available

Important Reminders for New Bike Owners

First Service

300 miles after your purchase. This is to ensure that your new bike is safe, functioning and adjusted correctly. All new bikes need this first service. It also gives you some time to ride, get to know your bike, ask questions and learn more about how to get the best out of your new bike.

Battery Care

State of charge is best kept between 20% - 80% when possible

Charge when battery is at a temperature of 35 - 95 degrees Fahrenheit - allow battery to warm up or cool down before connecting charger

Store battery in a dry place
Only charge with charger that came with your ebike.

Regular Service

Maintain your bike regularly and bring it in for service to keep it ready to ride and avoid preventable problems. We recommend a yearly tune-up or more frequent service if you are a high mileage rider. This will help keep you out riding and in for service much less.

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