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eBike Care Info

Best Practices for Charging your eBike Battery

Review your specific ebike owners manual for best practices in charging your battery.

  • Only use the charger that was supplied with your bike.
  • Unplug charger when charging is complete.
  • Never tamper or open the battery pack.
  • Charge when battery is at a temperature of 35 - 95 degrees Fahrenheit and on a nonflammable surface.
  • Allow battery to warm up or cool down before connecting charger.
  • State of charge is best kept between 20% - 80%, when possible.
  • Best practice is to store your battery when it's state of charge is 60% in a dry place. If it's easy to do so remove battery from bike for prolonged storage (three months or more)
  • If a battery is dropped, damaged or immersed in water please contact an ebike shop for it to be inspected

    Other Maintenance
    If you ride throughout the winter, and/or are a high mileage rider,  you may need to schedule additional service to keep your bike running smoothly.  Winter is a great time to bring in your bike.  Even if you're not riding, you can get it serviced, store it for the winter and and be ready for Spring. 

Winter brings a lot of dirt and grime on the roads, so try to keep your bike clean by wiping it down and removing gunky buildup on drivetrain components. Consult your ebike owners manual for specific instructions on cleaning your ebike.  We are always here to help, text us at 541-410-7408

eBike Range Calculator by Bosch

Calculate the range for your next eBike tour!

eBike Insurance

The electric bike is a new area of coverage for insurance companies in the US.  Your homeowners, renters, or auto insurance plans may or may not cover your electric bike in case of theft, accident or causes damage. This applies to all classes of eBikes including electric cargo bikes.

We encourage you to do your homework and make informed decisions on eBike insurance coverage.  Note that these are just a few companies that offer ebike insurance and Bend Electric Bikes has no financial interest in and in no way endorses these companies.


Velo Insurance

Markel Insurance

McClain Insurance