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Where to Ride

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We love riding e-bikes as much as you do! Take a look at these options for e-bike friendly rides.

Where to Ride Links

  • Dirty Freehub - check out our friends over at Dirty Freehub for Gravel Routes and filter for eBike Friendly
  • Bend Trails - ebike trails are marked with a lightning bolt for example:  Madras Trails > East Hills Park, or Redmond Trails > Radlands or Oakridge Trails > (various options)
  • Trail Forks - From drop down list select E-Bike as the activity
  • Deschutes National Forest Service - All motorized forest roads are open to ebikes
  • Bureau of Land Management - BLM land and ebikes
  • Want more single track access for class 1 eMTBs? Join

Rides under 10 Miles

Rides under 20 Miles

Rides under 30 Miles

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