I fell in love all over again...

My regular ride this last month has been an electric fatbike with studded tires - this has been a life changer, to say the least.  If not for this transformational transportation tool, I would have stayed home more and experienced the joy of riding much less.  While a non-electric fatbike would have done the job for me on the solid ice, it certainly would have failed me in the softer snow, slush and deeply rutted roads. I’m certain of this because I’ve experimented with different assist levels as well as using the bike without the assist.  The Bosch-powered electric assist provides an organic, gentle, strength and smooth response to my own human power - a fantastic example of a human/electric hybrid.  It allowed me to break physical and emotional barriers and kept me going while feeling stable, safe and confident.  The Felt Outfitter has front and rear racks so I was able to use panniers to haul my stuff and let the bike carry the extra weight.  The right equipment makes a world of difference. I’ve experienced seriously challenging conditions, learned a lot about being prepared and sharpened my riding skills.  I’ve also had tons of fun enjoying quiet downtown streets at night, when most people were staying home.  I felt like the town was my mine, alone, to enjoy - and I took advantage as often as possible. There were many times, in the cold, icy evenings, when I stopped, took it all in and felt deep appreciation for where I live. I fell in love with Bend...again. So, if you see a woman riding a camouflage fatbike, wearing a skirt (that’s me!) make sure you wave or say hello - it can get lonely out there!
Posted by Courtney Van Fossan on 25 January, 2017 bike, camo, electric, fat, fatbike, felt, outfitter, sand, snow, tire |
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