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Many of us love our bikes and what biking does for us. I love how I can use my bike to show others how much I care for them.  It all started when I found my first cargo bike, Big Orange, a front-loading Dutch bakfiets.  I discovered that carrying my children by bike allowed us to bond in a new way that was unique to family biking. I could care for my kids by giving them a rich life experience while doing all the things we needed to do in our everyday lives, carrying them safely by bike.  We’ve enjoyed many miles together - talking, going to school, camping, stopping to say hello to friends, exploring new places - just the three of us.

When I met my partner, Amy, I found that she also loved biking.  Biking around town with her made me feel like a kid again - carefree, laughing and in love with life.  When she happily jumped in my bike to go on one of our first dates, I knew she was my person. We rode across town for a party and I couldn’t stop smiling.  She trusted me to safely carry her - and she didn’t care how goofy we looked!  Now, we are a family who bikes together.

As I help to plan our yearly cargo bike rodeo, CarGo, I’m thinking of the ways my life has been filled with love and how Big Orange has been right there with me.  I get to share that with new customers in the shop all the time and I’m really looking forward to helping more folks experience family biking. Take my advice - try biking with your kids and dear ones - and I promise, you will feel a whole new kind of bike.


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