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Let’s go ride bikes...

The excitement of Spring is finally here and I am so fortunate to see it first hand at the bike shop.  I know that folks have biking on their minds again when I see the typical signs of spring fever - the drive by shopper rolling by going 2 mph thinking about which bike he’d like to ride; the “twist my arm” guy who firmly just wants to look and takes only a slight nudge to convince him to jump on a bike and take a joyride; the woman who takes the time to ride 5 or 6 bikes, noting all the details and finding the perfect one.  I can usually tell she’s found it by the big smile on her face; and one of my favorites, the family who is thinking about getting a cargo bike.  The best part is the excitement that the kids have.  They get a little wild, they want to climb up on the bikes, they get impatient - all in anticipation of riding bikes.  As a parent, that’s a good problem to have!

My best advice to folks who are looking at eBikes is to get on as many bikes as possible and ride.  There is no better way to research and compare than to experience it for yourself. We know a lot about eBikes and carry several quality brands, but you are the expert when it comes to choosing the eBike that will be your constant companion. You are the only one who can decide which bike feels right and will be the catalyst for more riding, more exercise and more fun. Our mission at Bend Electric Bikes is to get more people riding bikes more often.  We feel it’s important to spend the time it takes to help you find the right eBike so that you feel motivated to get out and ride, and ride more!  We’re  here to support you and want you to feel at home in the shop - look, touch feel, ride a bunch of bikes, ask a bunch of questions. You can even call us and schedule an eBike Intro Ride so that we can give you our undivided attention and time to help guide you in your purchase process.

We’ve got over 100 bikes to try out and there are some new brands that we’re really excited about, including Benno, Giant and coming soon, Riese & Müller.  There are still some great deals on 2016 Kalkhoffs - we just reduced prices another 20% on many models. We also have some new, high security locks from Abus; helmets from Bern and Kali; and the most fashionable accessory yet, the Oi Bell from Knog (yes, you can ring all the bells, too!)

We can’t wait to see you at the shop and ride bikes together!

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Many of us love our bikes and what biking does for us. I love how I can use my bike to show others how much I care for them.  It all started when I found my first cargo bike, Big Orange, a front-loading Dutch bakfiets.  I discovered that carrying my children by bike allowed us to bond in a new way that was unique to family biking. I could care for my kids by giving them a rich life experience while doing all the things we needed to do in our everyday lives, carrying them safely by bike.  We’ve enjoyed many miles together - talking, going to school, camping, stopping to say hello to friends, exploring new places - just the three of us.

When I met my partner, Amy, I found that she also loved biking.  Biking around town with her made me feel like a kid again - carefree, laughing and in love with life.  When she happily jumped in my bike to go on one of our first dates, I knew she was my person. We rode across town for a party and I couldn’t stop smiling.  She trusted me to safely carry her - and she didn’t care how goofy we looked!  Now, we are a family who bikes together.

As I help to plan our yearly cargo bike rodeo, CarGo, I’m thinking of the ways my life has been filled with love and how Big Orange has been right there with me.  I get to share that with new customers in the shop all the time and I’m really looking forward to helping more folks experience family biking. Take my advice - try biking with your kids and dear ones - and I promise, you will feel a whole new kind of bike.


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I fell in love all over again...

My regular ride this last month has been an electric fatbike with studded tires - this has been a life changer, to say the least.  If not for this transformational transportation tool, I would have stayed home more and experienced the joy of riding much less.  While a non-electric fatbike would have done the job for me on the solid ice, it certainly would have failed me in the softer snow, slush and deeply rutted roads. I’m certain of this because I’ve experimented with different assist levels as well as using the bike without the assist.  The Bosch-powered electric assist provides an organic, gentle, strength and smooth response to my own human power - a fantastic example of a human/electric hybrid.  It allowed me to break physical and emotional barriers and kept me going while feeling stable, safe and confident.  The Felt Outfitter has front and rear racks so I was able to use panniers to haul my stuff and let the bike carry the extra weight.  The right equipment makes a world of difference. I’ve experienced seriously challenging conditions, learned a lot about being prepared and sharpened my riding skills.  I’ve also had tons of fun enjoying quiet downtown streets at night, when most people were staying home.  I felt like the town was my mine, alone, to enjoy - and I took advantage as often as possible. There were many times, in the cold, icy evenings, when I stopped, took it all in and felt deep appreciation for where I live. I fell in love with Bend...again. So, if you see a woman riding a camouflage fatbike, wearing a skirt (that’s me!) make sure you wave or say hello - it can get lonely out there!
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