The Future is Electric

In September  we went to the US bike show, Interbike, where every sort of bike and bike-related product was displayed, demonstrated and ogled over by thousands. At the outdoor demo area we were able to ride trails on some kick-ass eMountain Bikes. Talk about fun - check out this video!  We went to the indoor eBike track (yes, just for eBikes) and tested all kinds of new bikes to consider bringing into the shop for our community (one of our favorites, Tern GSD.) We attended several sessions hosted by eBike manufacturers, advocacy groups and industry professionals - we learned a lot. My eyes were opened quite a bit and I was struck by the large footprint and rich educational content devoted to eBike products, lifestyle and advocacy.  It was certainly a glimpse into the future of biking in the US as we move closer to following Europe and Asia, where eBikes are a well-established tool in everyday life.

One of the last speakers brought to light a very important point.  The most successful eBike retailers do not come from the bike industry.  That’s right.  These folks came to the eBike business through personal convictions and interest in this transportation/health/climate solution.  They have genuine passion for helping all people to keep on moving and enjoy life. They have brought together traditional mechanical know-how, innovative business approaches, people-focused problem solving and new technology.  Sounds familiar, right? All of this combined makes for a fresh new approach to the neighborhood bike shop and results in the consumer feeling confident, empowered, culturally awakened and part of this new movement.  Most importantly, it helps us fulfill our mission of getting more people on bikes more often.   

Upon returning from Interbike, we held our first eBike owner’s night and were happy to see many of you in the shop asking questions, learning, and engaging in our community.  We will be doing more of that, for sure. Check out some of the new menu items on our website where you will find increasingly more information about eBikes, access, advocacy, community events and news.  Stay in touch.  We are always happy to hear from you!


Posted by Courtney Van Fossan on 09 October, 2017
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