CARGo and Disaster Relief Trials

Bend Disaster Relief Trials
Saturday June 11, 2016 at CARGo Bike Rodeo

Imagine that a major disaster has happened, where cars and buses will have been rendered useless. Gasoline might be unavailable or in very short supply. Bicycles — especially ones with carrying capacity — will be the last vehicles standing.

Bend Disaster Relief Trials brings awareness of cargo bikes' relevance in disaster relief using fun, flair and grit and encourages cargo bike-based relief.

The DRT ride will be the kick-off event for the 3rd Annual CARGo Bike Festival. Riders will begin at Bend Electric Bikes and will be given a map 30 minutes beforehand that shows various checkpoints where they will pick up disaster related items, ride through/over water and land barriers as well as some rough terrain. All of this in the spirit of raising awareness of the cargo bike's many uses and value in a disaster.

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