Common eMTB Myths

MYTH: "E-Bikes, specifically eMTBs don't provide exercise."

TRUTH: Class 1 E-Bikes provide moderate to vigorous exercise as defined by physicians.(1)

MYTH: "E-Bikes have motors and are too fast and therefore belong only on motorized trails."

TRUTH: Yes, Class 1 e-Bikes have quiet, non-polluting motors that when ridden average about 2 km/hr faster than a traditional eMTB.

MYTH: "eMTBs will damage trails"

TRUTH: According to a study done by International Mountain Bicycling Association they found that class 1 eMTB trail impact was similar to that of traditional mountain biking impact. (2)

MYTH: "eMTBs have limited range and can strand riders"

TRUTH:  Today's eMTBs have ranges of over 100 miles. eMTBs are equipped with extremely accurate range indication. In addition, eMTBs are lighter than ever before and will often be pedaled without the assist.

*Class 1 eMTBs  - pedal assist only and speed limited to 20mph


1.Ling, Z., C. Cherry, N. Dhakal (2017)
2. IMBA Study







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