Q: I enjoy pedaling. Is an electric bike for me?
A: Absolutely. Our customers overwhelmingly prefer pedaling—but at their own rate. We offer bikes of different designs and capabilities to match rider levels and most expectations.

Q: Can I ride an electric bike in the snow and rain?
A: The drive systems of the quality bikes we sell are not affected by rain and snow.

Q: What is the average range on rides which include stop-and-go traffic and hills?
A: It depends on the level (and weight) of the rider and what the terrain of a typical  ride may look like and we can provide a reliable estimate for you. The short answer is 15 to 30 real life miles on modest to moderate terrain riding on models with a single 9-10 Ah Li-Ion battery. If you need to ride about twice that then we recommend you purchase a dual battery model or carry a second battery.

Q: What's the life span of batteries?
A: The life span is obviously affected by numerous variables—such as battery specification, battery management system, percentage of drain per trip and wattage draw, i.e. how the bike is ridden (stop and go), by whom (weight and pedaling), where (hills, headwinds), how far, how often and charging protocol. A new generation batteries for Kinetic and the Giant Twist were introduced in 2008. There are now strong indications that these advanced Li-Ion batteries may eventually last 5 and beyond years for many riders.

Q: In such a new industry should I be concerned about products support & service?
A: Absolutely. Do make sure that your dealer or vendor provides competent and committed local service. Our own full service department was established in 2008. We give priority support to the owners of the bikes and kits they bought from us—and to do so expertly, promptly and flexibly.

Q: Which electric bike may be for me?
A: Let us know what your typical rides may look like and what your expectations are and we can explore whether an electric bike may be for you—and, if so, which models will work for you.

Q: Which bike is the best?
A: There is no bike that is universally 'the best' for every rider, ride and budget. The bikes we carry are what we have found to be the most durable and reliable, ebikes available.

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