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Electric Bikes

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EP8 The Powerhouse 85 Nm of Torque Powerful, adventuring, and quiet The EP8 is the result of many years development and brings Shimano's wealth of experience in cycling engineering into a small, powerful and fantastic functioning flagship eBullitt. Both massively powerful and beautifully engineered, the engine provides a fantastic and natural transfer of power, just when you -the rider- require it. 250watt with an incredibly grunty 85 newton meters of torque, the EP8 represents the pinnacle of electrically assisted bikes and it's strength makes it a fantastic contender for cargo riding. Less drag due to a change in seals and software updates from previous iterations, the EP8 rolls smoothly and incredibly efficiently. Coupled with fantastic shifting courtesy of XT Di2, the electronic gears change with precision and low maintenance time and time again. Bigger Shimano STePS 504w Up to 100 km in Eco mode* Charge time: 80% in 2 hours, 100% in 4 hours High capacity long-lasting Li-Ion battery of 504 Wh to cover more territory. Supported travel up to 100 km on one charge. 1000 charge cycles with no significant power loss. Boost: 50 km (400 hm) Trail: 75 km (600 hm) Eco: 100 km (800 hm) *performance may vary due, weather conditions and terrain Built to Last Quality partners The best components, fit for purpose When selecting components for the Bullitt, we are careful and proud to work with some of the most quality obsessed manufacturers in the business, including Gates Carbon Drive, Shimano, TRP, Schwalbe and Abus. ? The components chosen are designed to work with cargo bikes and if required, certified for use with electric assist bikes and the extra wear and tear incurred by using them. We have chosen to spec four piston brakes and 180mm rotors on all Bullitt models, so that stopping quickly and effectively under load, in all environments and weather conditions, is maximized. Safety Through Design The Bullitt frame has been tested to the very highest standards available and is the benchmark in cargo bike construction. We at Larry vs Harry have been building, testing and riding the Bullitt for over a decade and our children have all grown up in the Bullitt, we value the safety properties it possesses highly and are proud to offer it to others. The low center of gravity at the heart of the Bullitt lends itself superbly to stability and ensure both cargo and passengers remain secure and safe at all times. The stiffness and robustness of our frame ensures unwanted flex is not an issue and ensures the Bullitt tracks beautifully. External Gearing Sporty gearing option. If you are used to ride with external gears and want more efficiency when riding, this is the one you want. External gear systems offer the best power transfer. There is less energy getting lost in space, so every bit of raw power you put into your pedals will be transferred almost directly into your forward momentum and getting you where you need to be. This is the most efficient type of setup. Optional Accessories may be shown.
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