eZee Expedir




This strong, stable cargo bike will have you re-thinking your short car trips to the market and school drop off.   The Expedir is kid and cargo ready and includes a long-range battery for many miles of joyful riding as well as pedal assist and throttle to give you maximum control and confidence.  This bike will bring out the supermom/dad in you - your kids will thank you for it!

Offered in step-thru frame and in several colors. Optional accessories include deck, pannier bags, baskets, seat and baby carrier.  

Recommended For: Urban, Light Trails, Family, Cargo

Color Black, Burgundy, Green
Fork Cr Mo 4130
Frame CrMo 4130 steel
Frame Style Cargo with step-thru frame
Wheels Weinmann Rigida DM 30Alloy
Tire double wall 26″ F 24″ R
Seat Velo Plush comfort
Brake Shimano Disc caliper Front and rear M375
Transmission Shimano Nexave 8 speed, Alfine 8, NuVinci N360
Shifter Shimano Nexave 8 thumb
Handlebars Adjustable Aluminum alloy
Motor rear hub motor 500 watts
Power 37V 15/20Ah
Console Cateye Velo 8 Cycle
Ride Mode Throttle and Pedal Assist
Max Range 60 miles
Top Motor Assist Speed 20 mph
Front Light yes
Fender yes
Rear Carry Rack yes
Kickstand yes
Optional Acessories yes
Warranty one year

Details subject to change, errors, and omission


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