Stromer ST1 Platinum


$3,497.00 $3,997.00
Stromer ST1 Platinum


The Stromer ST1 is an award-winning e-bike which sets a new standard for stylish and capable urban transportation. Beneath its sleek, outward appearance lies a wealth of Swiss-engineered innovation in advanced technology and modular design.

The Stromer ST1 is equipped with a brushless, direct-current motor in the rear hub, which is powered by the battery. Since the motor is fully integrated inside the hub, the only mechanical contact occurring within is between the industrial ball bearings, resulting in an ultra-efficient and virtually maintenance-free system. During an average ride on the ST1, the bike’s energy consumption is less than a single kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers ridden.

Recommended For: Urban, Commuting, Road

Color Black

Carbon front fork

Frame 6061 Custom Butted Aluminum Alloy
Frame Style  
Wheels Weinmann XTB26 Double Wall, Aluminum Alloy
Tire Big Ben Schwalbe
Stromer Custom Comfort

Regenerative MT4 hydraulic disc brakes

Shimano, 27-gear
Motor 500 watt
Power 630 wh, 36V, 14.5ah
Ride Mode Pedal Assist
Max Range 50 miles
Top Motor Assist Speed 20 mph
Front Light yes, plus rear light
Fender yes
Rear Carry Rack yes
Warranty 3-year or 750-full-charge-cycle warranty for the Stromer high-tech battery, 2-year warranty for the motor, and 10-year warranty on the frame.

Details subject to change, errors, and omissions.

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