Xtracycle Edgerunner 11i



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Form and function converge on the EdgeRunner 11i. The swept back handlebars keep you upright while riding, the low step-over height of the frame, coupled with what may be the longest production chainguard in the world  allow you to wear what you’d like, from baggy pants to a flowing dress.

For everyday riding in urban environments, the 11i features the Shimano Alfine 11-speed drivetrain, which gives you an internal gear hub with a full-range of gears while pedaling hard or stopped at a light. The sealed system is virtually maintenance free and a delight to ride up and down hills. The included fenders and Busch+Muller dynamo lights mean that this bike is always ready to go.

The bike’s small 20” rear wheel makes loading cargo or children easy. The low center of gravity and the long wheelbase make the bike stable when riding, even with a heavy load. The bike comes with convertible all-weather CarryAll bags, which features a CargoBay—great for loose items, the ability to strap on virtually anything with the FreeLoader straps, and a removable lid, perfect an impromptu picnic on wet grass.  A heavy-duty double-legged kickstand, the KickBack, comes standard as well.

A full range of Xtracycle LongTail 2 accessories will allow you to adapt the bike as your needs change.


Sizing: Weight:
S/M Best for riders: 5’0”- 5’9”. 53.5 lbs (size L 11i) with stock accessories: CarryAll Bags and KickBack.
M/L Best for riders: 5’7”- 6’2”. 61.5 lbs (size L 11i) including everything above and the Family Pack.
Overall Length: 85” (size L)
Max # of passengers: 3 children or 1 adult.
Load Capacity: 400 pounds including the rider. Add a SideCar to load on 250 pounds more.


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