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Sterling   has been riding an electric bike since 2001 and considers it his daily driver. Big-believer in his car substitute and runs business errands, gets supplies at the store, has been known to haul plywood, kegs, multiple bikes and loads of kids. Current daily set of wheels is the clockwork orange Bullitt by Larry vs Harry.

Marnel   has had the bike bug ever since she rode her first bike century on a borrowed Schwinn.  Centuries led to double centuries, then switching to mt biking endurance and adventure races with the current love of bikepacking and leading eBike group rides.    Marnel can’t decide which ebike is her favorite because they all are so fun and definitely subscribes to the N + 1 theory on bike ownership. 

Emma One of Emma's first childhood bikes was nicknamed "the crotch killer"...after enough pain and suffering and a new bike she realized how enjoyable riding a bike could be. After riding an electric bike these feelings of elation only increased exponentially. Mostly using bikes to commute, she also enjoys gravel, and mountain biking as well as the occasional bike tour. She dreams of a world where more people are riding bikes than driving cars and electric bikes seem like an ideal solution to get more people enthusiastic about riding bikes to travel with less stress and more enjoyment. 

Chase has a passion for bicycles that began as soon as he was able to pedal on two wheels. His professional work in the industry stretches nearly five years and covers both the sales and mechanical side of the business. Since starting with BEB, he has a value and respect for the access that E-Bikes can provide. Outside of work, you can find him riding mountain trails and roads, as well as many other Bend activities like climbing, skiing, hiking, and living in a van... down by the river! 

Jared moved from Washington to Bend at the end of June 2020. He was a river guide in Washington for 12 years before moving to Bend. He also worked as a ski mechanic for 6 years. He loves to float the river in his free time and enjoys exploring on his bike when he's not on the river.

Kathy   is from beautiful NC, her first bike was gold with coaster brakes and handlebar streamers and eventually moving to a blue and white Raleigh commuter style bike. After finishing college at Appalachian State in Boone she moved to Bend and worked in counseling for several years while she and Sterling were raising kiddos and building up the bike shop.  She's as stealth as her matte black Specialized Como and loves working in the shop and behind the scenes.