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Winter Battery Storage and Maintenance Reminders

Storage during the winter:    
If you won't be riding this winter, check the state of charge on your lithium ion battery* and make sure it's between 30%-60%.  It can be stored at this state of charge for a few months in a dry location.  Ideal storage temperature is 32℉ - 68℉.  If your storage area gets below freezing, remove your battery and bring it inside.

Winter Use/Charging:
When charging your battery, it's helpful to allow it to get to room temperature (or at least well above freezing) before connecting the charger cable and/or inserting the battery into the bike.  You may experience diminished range if your battery is exposed to below freezing temperatures for extended times.  If this becomes problematic, you may consider covering your battery.  A cover can be made out of any kind of insulating material.  Neoprene works really well and we have covers that fit Bosch downtube or rack-mounted batteries.  

Other Maintenance
If you ride throughout the winter, and/or are a high mileage rider,  you may need to schedule additional service to keep your bike running smoothly.  Winter is a great time to bring in your bike.  Even if you're not riding, you can get it serviced, store it for the winter and and be ready for Spring. Winter brings a lot of dirt and grime on the roads, so try to keep your bike clean by wiping it down and removing gunky buildup on drivetrain components. 
We are always here to help, so stop in or give us a call!  

*If you have a bike with another type of battery,  please call the shop for advice.