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eBike Rules & Etiquette Around Bend

  • E-bikes are not allowed on sidewalks
  • Ride in control and use hand signals
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Use bike lanes
  • Traffic laws apply to eBikes
  • Use bike lights to see and be seen
  • Helmets are not required but highly recommended
  • Age minimum for e-bike riders is 16 years old



Trail and Gravel Riding in Oregon

Trail etiquette practices are based on consideration of other trail users and the protection of trails and surrounding natural resources. Please be respectful.

  • Follow posted trail rules such as speed limits, directional travel, or yielding suggestions.
  • Protect the trail by avoiding trail use during wet or muddy conditions.
  • Use passing techniques that are considerate of other trail users and that do not result in trail widening or vegetation damage.
  • Practice Leave No Trace  while on your public lands.


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Winter Rides for Fat Tire eBikes

Fat tire ebikes are allowed on all groomed and ungroomed snowmobile trails (excluding "snowmobile only" trails)

Dutchman Sno Park

Marnel's Ride on Trail #5 - park at Dutchman Sno-Park, take Trail #5 to Elk Lake Resort - make sure to check with Elk lake to see if the lodge is open for lunch or lodging. The mileage from Dutchman is 21.5 miles. The trail was corduroy so it took about 3 hrs round trip with a quick lunch break and we had about 25-30% battery left.

Edison Sno Park

Winter weather can vary so please check the weather the night before to help you dress appropriately. Some recommended items include:

      • insulated hiking boots or winter cycling shoes
      • insulated waterproof pants like ski pants or rain pants
      • wicking top layers - synthetic or wool, waterproof coat or insulating shell
      • thin beanie or helmet liner for under helmet
      • cycling gloves, or waterproof/insulated gloves
      • sunglasses or goggles


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Department of Interior

National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclamation)

The Dept of Interior finalized rules for electric bicycle use on public lands. It clearly defines electric bicycles as bicycles as long as they fit within one of the three classes. The rules also give local land managers the authority to permit their use on non-motorized trails. Details here. There is still work to be done and local land managers will be making further decisions based on these new rules. The agency websites are a good resource to find out where ebikes will be allowed. You can also reach out to the local land manager. As always we will keep you posted on our website.

National Parks eBike Website
BLM eBike Website
Dept Fish & Wildlife eBike Website
Bureau of Reclamation ebike Website

Oregon Parks and Rec

YES. A person may operate a Class 1 electric assisted bicycle on roads and trails eight feet or wider unless otherwise posted to restrict or permit such activity.

US Forest Service Lands

YES, but only on Motorized Trails and Roads Only - eBikes are considered motorized vehicles on USFS lands and have access to motorized trails.MVU Maps are available for free at Deschutes National Forest office or Online.Comment period for eBike access ended Oct 26. Stay tuned for updates.

eBike access is moving at a quick pace and we will keep you posted as we get more updates.

Your Voice and eBike Access

Do you think ebikes should have access to trails including those reserved for non-motorized vehicles?

Currently, there are myths and assumptions about e-bikes and while some may have been true in the past the e-bikes of today are high-quality with premium components and accessories. More importantly, modern electric bikes are speed and safety regulated falling into 3 categories. Additionally, those electric vehicles that fall outside of these widely accepted definitions are not considered bicycles, nor are they sold or supported by this or other reputable electric bicycle retailers.  

Our land managers want and need to hear from you! If you would like to comment about the value of ebikes, and would like to have ebikes on non-motorized trails on federal lands please take a moment to write your national representative  via People for Bikes.

Also, our local land managers are learning of the advantages of ebikes and in some states there have been successful collaborations.



Deschutes National Forest - contact form

Dept of Interior (BLM, Nat'l Parks, Bureau of Reclamation, DFW)

People for Bikes - Take Action

Join COTA - Central Oregon Trail Alliance - become part of the decision-making