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*At this time we are limiting ebike service to brands that we currently carry or if we have sold the bike to you in the past.

When you schedule an appointment it is for a time to drop off your bike but the service may not be completed that same day - please check with service staff for approximate day or time it will be ready and you will also be called when your bike is ready.


All New Bikes Purchased From Bend Electric Bikes include FREE TUNE-UPS for 6 months.

Service Packages (For Brands carried by Bend Electric Bikes)


Safety Check

($45.00 & up)


  • Inspect the bicycle for safety

  • Removable and sliding dropouts

  • Chain/belt tension

  • Stem bolts

  • Brake and shifter mounts to bar

  • Caliper bolts

  • Axles or quick releases

  • Seatpost

  • Accessories like lights, racks, etc that can rattle loose

  • Electrical connections

  • Brake inhibits

  • Battery mounts and spacing if applicable

  • For Bakfiets: steering arm and steering linkage bolts for torque and proper position

  • Update software

  • Family accessories such as hooptie, seats, guard rails, pegs, etc.


Check Up

($80.00 & up)


  • Inspect the bicycle for safety, including everything from the safety check. In addition, this tuneup offers basic adjustment to shifting and braking and checks the following:

  • Alignment of brake calipers

  • Brake pads and rotors

  • Piston engagement to the rotor

  • Adjust shifting

  • Chain wear - alert customer

  • Cassette and sprocket wear

  • Adjust hubs

  • Update software and set service interval for future service

  • Clean bicycle

  • Clean and re-apply grease to quill stems, seatposts, etc.

  • Loctite crank bolts and other bolt that undergo tension and relief cycles, as well as rack bolts, etc.


Ride Ready

($175.00 & up)


  • A more involved tuneup intended to make a used bike perform as good as new. Price does NOT include additional cost for parts. Follows same basic procedure from safety check and check up, but adds the following:

  • New cables and housing for cable brakes and derailleurs

  • Parts tank soak for derailleurs, chain, shifters, and other gritty, gummy, or corroded components

  • Brake bleed/fluid change

  • Inspect motor mount torque for mid-drives

  • True wheels

  • Adjust hubs or repack if necessary

  • Check headset and other bearings for smooth action

  • Update software and set service interval for future service

  • Clean bicycle

A la Carte Labor Rates

Brands Carried By Bend Electric Bikes (or sold to you by BEB)

  • Diagnostic Fee: $65 (Complimentary for bikes purchased at Bend Electric Bikes)
  • Labor rate: $70 per hour 
  • 30 day warranty on workmanship.

Need a bike while yours is being serviced? $10 per day bike rental

Bike Storage Policy: Once we notify you that your bike is ready we will provide complimentary bike storage for up to 7 days after which we will add a storage fee of $10 per day.